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The politics of hatred

In Boston, the Democrats chose to herd the protesters past the Fleet Center into a "Free Speech Zone," really nothing more than a cage, to do their screaming. This was a good move by the Democrats, as it allowed them to stay on message and present a united party to the swing voters in the audience. But it really didn't sell the Left as being tolerant of other viewpoints, now did it? Kind of stinks of stifling dissent, wouldn't you say?

In New York, the Republicans have also made the right move... by doing nothing but securing the convention center, and not really a foolproof job of that. The protesters are everywhere, harassing GOP delegates on the street, attacking police officers, and storming the convention floor. It's very smart to allow these leftist nutjobs before the cameras to self-identify for the swing voters at home while the GOP moderates like Rudy and Arnold stand on the stage and deliver messages of inclusion and invitation in prime time.

In the meantime, General Tommy Franks endorses George W. Bush, and John Kerry shakes up his campaign staff for the second time in less than a year.

Life is good.