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Stretch Run

So now the Cubs are on their way. A very big 9-1 victory to kick off the brutal stretch run to the postseason. I hope everyone is rested and ready, especially the pitching staff.

But I have no illusions. The Cubs are heartless and gutless this year. They need at least 18 victories, and probably 20, to win the wildcard.

And they're staring straight down the barrel of the most brutal stretch of games all year, thanks to Hurricane Frances. 29 games in 28 days, including 26 over the last 24 days.

So I look forward to hearing, as they drop a series to the Reds or the Pirates, how tough they have it. And I look equally forward to shouting, "HORSESHIT!!!" None of this would have mattered had the team strung together 10 wins in 12 games just once this year.

None of this would matter if Moises Alou paid attention to where the ball is hit. How many times has he been doubled off base this year? 8? 10?

None of this would matter if the pitching staff could keep their yaps shut and throw strikes. Right, Kerry Wood? Carlos Zambrano? Kent Mercker? LaTroy Hawkins?

None of this would matter if Dusty Baker could manage a pitching staff, or figure out a double switch.

This team has spent 5 months slowly buckling under and failing to live up to expectations. In July, they bent over for the Cardinals. In August, they kicked a sleeping dog in an Astros uniform. This wildcard has been laying there for the taking all season, and what have we gotten?

10 shutout losses. 7 losses where the Cubs scored just 1 run. And a stunning 14-23 record in one run games. From a lineup with 4 guys on pace to hit 30+ home runs.

This team is poised to fold.

God, I hope I'm wrong... but even if they do make it to the playoffs, they'll get rolled over.